Who’s Leading? You or Your Business?

Who’s Leading?  You or Your Business?

This course is for anyone in business; whether it’s a business you own, or a business you are working in.  It gives you the tools required to lead the business into a place of thrival.

Ask yourself the following:

Do you know where you desire the business to go, or where it is currently?

Do you know the type of people the business requires to succeed?

Do you know the systems that will support it?

Is business difficult or problem filled or you don’t enjoy working in it?

If you answer yes to any of the following, you are being led by your business, or outside forces and circumstance, rather than being the leader.  Reverse this a lead the business to thrive.

The 6 key business and leadership topics covered in this course are:

  1. The Difference You Make to the Community You Serve
  2. Financial Awareness
  3. Systems, Marketing & More
  4. Money, Revenue Streams & Possibilities
  5. What Your Business Requires to Thrive
  6. Being You & Being An Invitation

Be you, have fun and become the leader you know you can be.


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