Never Let A Bully Win

Are you (or someone you care about) being bullied?

Would you like some new tools to change the situation?

Bullying shows up in many different forms, from the obvious schoolyard bullying to workplace situations and even how we bully our bodies and ourselves.

The Access Consciousness Specialty classes have a different point of view about bullying and the difference you can be to end it.

Bullies target people who are different, but being different doesn’t mean you’re wrong! When you can turn around the very thing a bully uses to attempt to gain control over you and see it as your strength, you eliminate the power of the bully.

In this series each specialty weighs in on bullying from a different perspective, including numerous practical tools to help you address all aspects of bullying. Topics covered include:

· What bullying is

· How to be you in the presence of bullying

· What animals and the earth teach us about bullying

· Being a leader in business without bullying

· How to stop bullying your body

· Talking to your kids about bullying, and what they can do if they’re being bullied

· Recovering your body image after bullying

· Creating wealth and power without bullying

· Having your voice in the face of bullying

What would be possible for you or those close to you if you could not be bullied?

In the videos that make up this course, different Access Consciousness Specialty Class Facilitators offer a new perspective on how to address bullying. With host Cara Wright (X-Men facilitator), here are the facilitators and topic conversations included in this course:

Xmen: Being Your Difference in the Face of Bullying with Diva Diaz 

Joy of Business: Being Bold in Business without Bullying with Heather Nichols

Right Voice for You: How to Have Your Voice in the Presence of Bullying with Chris Hughes

Right Body for You: Addressing Body Image after Bullying with Donnielle Carter

Right Riches for You: Creating Wealth and Power without Bullying with Steve and Chutisa Bowmen

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider: A Horse’s Perspective on Bullying with Suzy Godsey

Being You: Being You in the Presence of Bullying with Katarina Wallentin

Conscious Parents Conscious Kids: Talking to Your Kids About Bullying with Brendon Watt

3-Day Body Class: Overcoming Bullying and Embracing your Body with Grace Douglas



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